Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday. Get 50% Off From ProductionPanel

We’re celebrating with all of you, and help some people out, we decided to get you 50% of the
Original prices of the practical production  manuals.

What Does This Mean?
Go to , select any practical manual desired, calculate 50%  of the original
Price and pay, then get your practical manuals.

Offer Duration?
This offer will not last for ever. It starts from Monday, 26th of November to Friday, 30th of November.
That’s it.
                                    Happy Production.

Ubong Edem

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Special Thanks on Production From ProductionPanel

An Informative report that, according to great number of Nigerians, enlightened people on various
Products, given on ProductionPanel has received a lot of commendation.

Special thanks to Michael, Kola, Efe, Ekemini, Daniel and others who I wouldn’t like to mention here.
They encouraged me, saying that the report has opened their eyes to the various uses of products like
Liquid soap, Hair Cream, Industrial liquid soap, Detergent, Izzal and other products used on daily basis.
We received a lot of email, text messages. They all said that they’ve gained in so many ways.

What Can We Say Now?
If you ever wish to produce, not only consume from others, get over to and get your own free book now.

Happy Production.
Ubong Edem