Thursday, March 31, 2011

All About Detergent, Hair cream and Soap Production.

A lot of people have gotten their manuals and are now happy! If you have not gotten yours yet, HERE is how they got theirs and are using them!

            Considering the rate of unemployment and lost of jobs as industries are now being swept away from era of mechanization to that of automations. People are being replaced by industrial robots. Even the people that even decided to go and learn robotics in high Schools made the stupid mistake of their lives as robots are already building robots. Job dislocations have extremely been traumatic for the people laid off.
            The magnitude of looming unemployment and retraining problems has already galvanized a global problem.


NOTE:    These bonuses will only last for 7days from now and all of them goes to the people that are buying 2 manuals, while people that are buying one get to tell us one of the bonuses that they want!
·         Bonus 1;
Loan package.
This package will take you by hand and show you how to access loan packages from good people within days.                                                                                  Value: N4,500

·         Bonus 2;
If you get to purchase 2, we give you 3.                            Value: N7,500

·         Bonus 3;
Land package
A package that answers the questions of “HOW TO GET LAND STARTING FROM, AS LOW AS #25,000”
                                                                                                           Value: N3,500

·         Bonus 4;
Tele-communication money secret
This is a manual takes shows you how to make 10% of credits loaded by people and the secret way of smiling to the bank with that.                                          Value: N6,500

·         Bonus 5;
Free browsing formula for your desktop and laptop.  Value: N5,500

    This is not Freedom browsing that connects today and disconnects tomorrow, but a reliable free browsing formula for your system irrespective of your location, age and status. If it has worked for me for the past 2 years without interruption, where I download with speed and accuracy, why can’t it work for you?
With only this, you can decide to open a shop and be configuring people’s systems for a fee. Let’s say, N3,500. How much 20 people in day mean to you?

It is now left for you to buy manuals for the production of hair cream, production of detergent, and the production of soaps. Your journey to the kind of good dreams that you dreamt begins from

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Why People Keep Saying that We Have the Best Guides To Production of Soaps

People that successfully got those manuals from us said that our manual were informative,educating and even outstanding because they were packaged from experience. We gave people the most economical means of production ie. Maximizing production while cost is reduced!

All our purchases were and are still backed up with 30 days money guarantee! ie. If you get them and you are not able to produce them, we simply refund your money.

Above all,  the product proved the following uses;

• Drive nails easier with less risk of splitting the wood, by first rubbing it on the nail shank.

• Smooth caulk beads with a moistened finger.

• Remove wallpaper glue by mixing with warm water and sponging it on the walls.

• Lubricate the metal rails of sticking desk drawers.

• Clean dirty windowsills by running the wet edge of a bar along them.

• Turn screws more easily by dabbing it onto the threads.

• Keep garden bugs off plant leaves by mixing it with water and spraying the solution on the leaves' undersides.

• Detect gas leaks by mixing it with with water and rubbing it on suspect pipe joints; if bubbles form, you have a problem.

• Snap aluminum or vinyl siding into place easier with a zip tool that's been dapped with the liquid.

Soap Production Guide and Economics


 The Effectiveness of Soap Making

The effective method of making soap using the natural methods is a new but perfect method that provides good quality soap. Soap is the material that is made in order to clear the body and is a product that is used to clean. This is a hand made product that is specially designed to make a pleasing as well as an ultimate pleasure in bathing. The Natural soap is a nourishing factor that makes the skin feel so shining as well as more nourished. In fact the hand made soaps are a nourishing, skin care product that is made available in the market by the producers in large numbers and in quiet a lot of branded names. The Soap is the product that is made from the ingredients such as the naturally obtained oil types that are extracted different plants and herbs (plants).The vegetable and the plant based oils form the basic ingredients necessary for the production of a soap. Animal fats and the vegetable fats are the basic contents made use in making soap. The natural skin care product that is prepared by the ingredients extracted from the plant (which is a special gift of the nature and a non destructible resource available always) is a general form of preparing the product, in such a manner that it satisfies the customer. This is a kind of product that is prepared or extracted from the natural ingredients available.
      There are hard and soft quality products of soap in the market that is just different by the amount of the ingredients included. When we observe the production of soap made using the naturally available chemicals and the oils. The oils and the fats that are obtained from the plants and the animals are processed using the particular amount of the chemicals through the process of Saponification.
The hand made soaps that are a special make has a particular percentage of glycerin which is an agent that performs the work of softening the skin naturally. This is in general an agent that attracts the moisture in the skin and is hence a special agent included at a particular limit or percentage to make the soap natural product.
The main formulation of the soap formation or the preparation depends upon the material selected as well as the product included with the correct ratio and the available technique introduced in making or creating the product (Soap).
Soap is one of the best product that has the effect of cleaning a skin and thereby making a sense of moisturizing the skin and providing the skin a care and beauty. The natural soap is a special product that is always a boon to the users to try with. Always try with a natural soap product to ensure a good skin care and skin. Mostly it is better to take care of the skin with the natural soap.

How To Run A Successful Soap Business

You picture yourself happy and relaxed making soap from home and experimenting with colors, shapes, and fragrances; the image and thoughts run through your mind like a melody but what is the reality? Is running a soap making business difficult? The answer can be gotten HERE!
Home business ventures require successful marketing and efficient production. Just as bakeries have bigger appliances to make more pastries at once, any soap business needs soap making equipment to handle multiple orders and an ongoing financial tracking plan to log net income after all supply costs and expenses are paid.
Don't expect to run a handmade soap business from kits you purchased online. Soap making kits are great for craft projects to make your own soap to use in the shower, but they don't provide enough supplies and purchasing handmade soap kits over and over will drive up costs.
Begin with a handmade soap business plan:
1. Devise a goal of how much you want to sell and the profit margin you hope for. Set a reasonably high goal to account for fluctuations of sales and expenses in the future like putting money in a savings account for emergencies.
2. Whether with social media, blogs, advertising, or a website, you need to know where your key demographic is and sell directly to that market.
3. Know exactly what it costs to run your own soap making business. Start out with the necessary soap making supplies first such as: pans, thermometer, molds and the ingredients for making handmade soap.
4. Know how to compute the precise cost of each handmade soap product you make. There are books available to help you calculate business costs and devise a smart plan for your handmade soap business.
5. Shop smart when buying supplies for handmade soap and buy in bulk whenever possible to save money on production. You will need more than a few supplies at a time anyways and shopping regular retail stores each time will waste money.
6. How do you plan to package and market your inventory? The area you live in may or may not be prime location. Shoppers that purchase handmade soap want a product that presents well instead of looking like something they can purchase at Wal-Mart. The soap needs to be packaged nicely like the fancy soap many have for guest bathrooms. If there's competition in your area from other soap makers and boutique stores, you have to be competitive while still making money. How you market and package your product is essential to a successful handmade soap business. An offline store has more costs but can also be a successful tool if you can properly manage costs and advertise in the right way. Do your research before thinking you can start a soap making business from home. Take a class, read some books, and really educate yourself on what it takes to run a handmade soap business. These six steps will help get you started but you need to know what you're doing to keep the business going on your own and make money.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Detergent Production

  We lunched a product on detergent production and we are now happy that the number of people that took action were satisfied. They were all saying that they gained more than what they paid for!



If you've not yet gotten your manual for the production of detergent, production of hair cream, production of soap, the time is now to get them. If not now, when? If not here, where else can you get a better secret that others have been hiding from you than here?  You now have the freedom of changing your future for better!

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How To Avoid Mistakes that Others made before they had access to Our manuals.

                   People now claim to champion in soap production, hair cream production and detergent production without telling their learners that there are various ways that problem may arise with respect to the quality of the product. It is not our plan to make people feel inferior or complicate issues, but the truth must be told.
                   We are sorry to say this, but they will never tell you that in production of detergent, there is a simple mistake that can be made while production, and the product'll not dry even if it gets introduced to drier till thy kingdom comes.
                    They never or will not care to tell you that in production of hair cream, there is also a simple mistake that will make the product to become as strong as stone, which is not supposed to be so.

Friend, I always get mad when get to the portion of the Bible that says that " My people are dieing of ignorant". You'll always climb the ladder of your life proportional to the level of information at your disposal.

The manual packaged was drawn from researches, experiences and due trials of various ways until the best ways were packaged just to be sure that you get the best.

       Just imagine yourself, making the same mistakes that others who claimed to know the production of soap, production of detergent, and production of hair cream did until they had the manuals from us.

Here is the answer and also a solution to those who never had a good product before now or those who where just thinking of how to the production of Hair cream, production of detergent and production soaps!

Friday, March 18, 2011

The answers to your questions are here!


 Before we proceed, i want to say that you should make sure you read this page to the end!
“ This write-up is in response to the thousands of mails, calls, and text messages received between
Monday, 14th of March to Friday, 18th of the same month which majority were saying that they’ve been able to produce their first soap products from the knowledge gained from the “The blueprint of the best soap production” launched before now, and that they’d like to know other products’ formulations.

                   Consequently, we decided to keep updating them with other products which, for now, we have added “Production of detergent” and “Hair growth cream production” to the “The blueprint of the best soap production”.

                   Finally, we decided to give only 200 copies to some serious people from today to Friday, 25th of March at just #1,500 such that nobody gets hindered from laying his/her hands on this material and get his/her life changed positively for life, with respect to the prices, which, after that, the price returns to normal #2,500. Please, be informed that thousands of people are also reading this page with, just ask yourself, “if you were to learn how to produce soaps, how to produce detergent, how to produce hair cream, bearing in mind that there’s always a price for success, how much would have been your price for success? Then, go over HERE and grab this golden opportunity to say good-bye to poverty, sing bye-bye to starvation, you can even go ahead to sack your boss and welcome wealth for a salary earner will always live on the verge of survival, but a creative mind will always be wealthy!”


The LORD will not allow you to borrow, but you’ll lending to nations-Deu. 28:12
Isreal’s deliverance from Egypt was not complete without economic freedom.
This has come to make you take practical steps like the production of soaps,
production detergent, and production of hair cream, towards wealth creation.
The fact that one of the importance of Nigeria to the world is with respect to
Her crude oil deposits. You do not need a Karl Max to teach you that entrepreneurial
Skills remain the untold answers  as the rest of the countries of the world are reducing
the crude oil consumptions.
                Sequel to this, we have decided to help 100 people between now to Friday,
8th of April by exposing them to ;
                   Production of Soap               -    #2,500
                    Production of detergent   -     #2,500
                    Production of Hair cream  -     #2,500

 Method of payment
Bank :        (Guarantee Trust Bank Plc)
Account name:       Ubong Edem
Account  number: 571-565165-1-590
After payment, send an email and text message with the following information.
Your name :
Amount paid:
Bank name and branch:
Teller number :

Email address: 
The name of the manual paid for



Method of delivery of the materials:
 The materials’ll be delivered to your e-mail within 24 hours of notification of payment 
from the bank.

If you purchase 2 materials, you’ll get 3 of the materials . After laying your hands on
the above materials, you’ll then see within yourself, a money-maker, employer of labour,
You’ll be held at high esteem! We bet you!

To Your Success!
             Ubong Edem

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

We present to you a decision pad now!

Please, help us go through the following and determine your interests, then, let us know them!

How to produce paints.
How to produce Hair cream
How to produce soaps
How to produce detergents
How to produce liquid soap
How to produce Industrial liquid soap

The "how to" list continues, but which one suits your test. Or, which one are you interested in?

We are expecting a response from you in 5days time from today!

Let us know your need now, by sending a mail to

or Send a message to 2348069344902

or post on the " ONLY LEGITE"  wall on facebook!

Thank you!

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If You Are Ready To Put A Stop To Your Financial Problems, You Must STOP Every Other Thing That You Are Doing And Read Thoroughly The Information Presented Here On This Blog Over And Over Again.......And Then, TAKE ACTION!
Discover Exactly "The Secret Security codes to the production of soap of different kinds and be making steady income from it..."

                       Before we proceed, permit me to show you some of the testimonials that we’ve received from our happy customers…

“Unbeleivable! Impressive! I cannot beleive that money making was this simple and very practical as breathing the air in and breathing out. Indeed, if a man is not informed, he is definitely deformed. May God Bless you!”.
Moses Okon, Uyo, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria.

Grait!!! I ordered for the package and even received it within 40minutes, not 24hours that was stated. I’d like to use this medium toThank you!'
Kazeem, Ikeja, Lagos

Dear Friend,

             Just help us answer the following questions and mail the answers to us or judge yourself;
How would your life be, if we hand over to you, a secret security code that only few fast people are using to make unlimited money, daily from the production and sales of soap? This is where you have the ability to employ as many as you’d want to work for you and make money as you wish since you are the owner of the information. With this, you can teach other people for a fee if you want, and then employ them to work for you.
How will you invest or spend your new source of income?

Robert Kiyosaki said in his book - The Conspiracy Of The Rich - "Take away a person's dream and you take away thier life"

  • Are you an employee running the rat race, going to work by 5am and getting home by 10pm? Would you like to have an additional source of income without quitting your current job?.......until you decide to?

  • Are you a graduate seeking for a JOB or employment in this already over-congested employment industry?
  • Are you an undergraduate who will like to stop depending on parents for pocket money?
  • Are you an OND, HND, or even 3rd class Bsc /B.ENG holder whose certificates are always discriminated against? Even a 2-1 or a first class degree holder hardly gets a good job these days.
  • Are you a single mom who’ll like to earn a good income, at the same time spend time with her kids?

  • Are you simply jobless, broke and confused and will like to change your financial situation for the better by a unique organisation who will take you by the hand, personally and show you step by step on how you can be financially FREE?
  • Are you ready to bring your dreams into reality? Remember, one of the greatest discoveries in life is that you’ll always become that which you think about most of the time. You’re what you think.
  • Are you ready say goodbye to your financial woes and misery?
  • Are you ready to kiss poverty goodbye and embrace the world you have ever dreamed of and wished for? A world of abundance?
  • If your answers are yes to the questions above? BETTER !
You have just taken the most important step towards making your world of lack, a thing of the past and a world of abundance, a reality. This fact is if you want to change your life, you must first have dreams of what you wish to be.
Look at your situation as a challenge rather than an obstacle, a time to win rather than a time to lose. A saying goes thus: winners don't quit and quitters don't win. It is this hard times, the difficult times that divide winners from losers. The question is, where do you wish to belong? WINNERS or LOSERS?
The choice is yours. A man's attitude definitely determines his height reached or will be reached.
Thousands of graduates, undergraduates and even Master degree holders roam the streets of our Nation everyday in search of non existent jobs when actually, all you need to make your FINANCIAL MISERY a thing of the past stares right in YOU!!!

What if we tell you that the basic requirement needed is your willingness to learn, work smart, be determined to follow simple guidelines and instructions?

The beauty about this business is that it;
It can be operated even inside the compound that you are currently living.
The start up capital is very small compared to other businesses with its profit margin.
You are the BOSS you can go ahead and sack your present BOSS which be lack of information, fear, etc.
Your qualifications or certificate does not matter. Anyone, with or without a degree can do it.
You can easily and comfortably operate it during your spare time.
Regardless of your tribe or your location, your education status does not come in, you can do it.

E-Book titled “The Blueprint of the Best Soap Production”....

NOTE- If you are lucky to be among the first 100 people,I strongly advice you to concentrate on at least one or two of the guides in other to be make maximum cash because the information contained in this package are so explosive that you may be tempted to attempt all of them at once!

This SPECIAL BONUS on loans is stictly for the first 50 people who order for this guide. You therefore have no reason whatsoever not to start your dream business as a result of lack of funds.
Bonus 1: How to browse FREE on your laptop/Desktop. (Value N2,500)
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• Where to access loans within 48hours.
• How to get approval for any amount of loan you want.
• How to use your idea to access funds.
• How to access loans to start up your business.
• How to access loans and pay back in 6 months.
• The physical address of these loan givers and their phone numbers.

BONUS 7: How to earn over N40,000 weekly with INFORMATION MARKETING. You will discover the INSIDER SECRETS of turning IDEAS into CASH, GUARANTEED!!! (Value N3,000)
BONUS 8: How to make over N250,000 monthly from calls centres. (Value N2,500)
BONUS 9: How to make over N100,000 setting up a cyber café( COMING UP). (Value N2,500)
BONUS 10: How to secure a US address, US phone number and how to use it to open a paypal, click bank and US bank account legally as a Nigerian. (Value N4,500)
BONUS 11: How to generate virtual credit/debit cards in Nigeria. (Value N3,000)
BONUS 12: How to collect payment for your online products here in Nigeria. (Value N3,000)

Are you ready to make a decision today?
Is this what you are looking for?
Do you want to get started right away?
The very best proof that this’ll work is someone else has already done it-
Bertrand Russell, British Philosopher.

The actual value of the each of the guides is N5,000 each. Therefore the total value of all the guides is N45,000, 150,000, 200,000, 300,000, etc.
The value of the 24/7 after sales support makes it PRICELESS, can you imagine this?
But, he is giving it out for just N2,500 , only.
If you have read and practiced the information in this manual, and after 30 days and you fine out that you can’t produce soap, simply ask for a refund and your money will be given back to you immediately while you reserve the right to keep the products.
(Unconditional Guarantee)
As such, put them on us like Ja-rule and Akon would say. You actually bear no risk.
By email address after 24hrs
Pay just N2,500 only into;
Bank: GTBank (Guarantee Trust Bank Plc)
Account name: Ubong Edem
Account number: 571-565165-1-590

After payment, send an email and text message with the following information...
Your name :
Amount paid:
Bank name and branch:
Teller number :
Email address


Soap production

Learn To produce soap today from the master and say bye-bye to poverty...
     Before we proceed, permit me to bring to you the similarities between soaps and detergents as some people who claim to know everything about soap will not even care to tell you.
          Soaps and detergents are always seen as metallic esters due to their possession of both hydrophobic and hydrophilic areas. The hydrophobic side makes your soap to be soluble in water while the hydrophilic side, being the hydrocarbon side is always oily (your fatty acid), it makes it possible for your soap to terminate their incidences of backward reaction. ie. The hydrophobic side does not allow the already washed dirt to re-deposit itself again on the material washed which may be your clothe. 
     This is what makes detergent production and soap production almost the same process.

As i said earlier, the process of producing soap is similar that of detergent with exception of few differences in the compositions. But, people were once asked in my school during their I.T. defence, the difference between soap and detergent. This, some people said that soap is solid while detergent is powdery. For me, as a Universal Engineer, I saw that the difference is just that soaps are biodegradable while detergents are synthetic, not in the area of state. We have liquid soaps which the procedure of production can be made available on demand. Please, permit me to use chemical terms a bit.

Further definition:
     Soap is a metallic ester that contains 13 to 18- molecules of Carbon and about 35-molecules of Hydrogen.

      This is a chemical way of saying that a something is made from natural products.
Metallic ester:
       From our physical sciences, we know that a metal is something that has the ability to react. Esters are ………………………. (test your brain here)
Soaps are metallic esters due to their possession of hydrophobic ( Oily or insoluble in water, ie. hydrocarbon chain) and the hydrophilic (water loving or soluble in water, i.e. COO- Na+
During this process a slow chemical splitting of the neutral fat takes place; the fatty acids  then react with the alkali carbonates of the plant ash to form soap (this reaction is called saponification).