Monday, September 30, 2013

1 Week Liquid Soap Production Mastering

Over the years, I’ve been hearing people crying out, saying that they’ve been producing “Liquid Soap” products, but their products don’t foam. Some say that after some days, the products decolorized. I’ve heard people saying that their liquid soap products start smelling like ghost, not up to a week after production. Some say that their products become watery after some days. People continue to echo problems that they have encountered as a result of them, producing liquid soap.
I don’t know your mode of operation. I don’t know your liquid soap formulation. I don’t know your age. I don’t know your gender. Please, I don’t know whether you are currently occupied or not. I don’t even care to ask whether you have ever produced anything before. What I know is that I am now here to help you out, if you want me to.
On Saturday, 5th of October, I am going to stand in unity with as many Nigerians as would want to be producing Liquid Soap at the most economical rates, just like I have been producing for some times now. Please, take a look at a bottle from the one I just finished producing and a company’s representative just came through my gate to take them in drums.
On that day, you will receive an email containing the exact steps, formulation and precautionary measures taken to arrive at your desired destination, “Liquid Soap”, you will also receive the list of raw-materials, formulation and steps as sms, while you stay where you are and produce as a Pro. The remaining 6days will be left for you to share your thoughts, ask questions either via email, calls or text messages.

Price? You will only spend N3,800. I consider our fresh grads.

Till then. My name is Ubong Edem. Some Nigerians call me “The Young Investor”.
Call me now on 234 8069344902

Saturday, September 28, 2013

"I don't know how you got here, whether from google, facebook, BetterSecrets Blog, Forums or refered by friend, all i know is that even if you have never done anything called Production, or you have produced, but never had a good product quality, I am here to help you upgrade. 

I remember when i visited an oil company site in my tender age. I used to think that they import everything used there, starting from cold wash, Industrial liquid soap, to drilling fluid used.