Friday, July 8, 2011

Civil Engineers' Faults felt in Lagos

It is important to note that if a doctor makes a mistake, he/she only kills one patient. But, if an engineer like us are mistaken, not one person will die. In fact, people will surely die.

The effect of mistakes by the engineers who constructed a commercial scene in the second most-populated city in the world has not yet been abated as people have not even been able to cry-out-loud.

According to an official from the National Emergency Management Agency (N.E.M.A.), a four storey building has collapsed in the commercial capital of Africa's most populous nation, Lagos. It is said that the distorted building that served as a ware house and home for many people has killed at least six people in the heart of Lagos' Idumota market.

N. E. M. A.  director has put all the blame on the inferior construction work for the building.
According to Tunde Adebiyi,  rescue work is on to save the trapped people from Tuesday night and rescue workers have freed 30 people so far. N.E.M.A.  spokesman Yushau Shuaib, confirmed that there were casualties but they were unable to give details immediately.

In Lagos, Idumonta market has always been said to be one of the busiest and largest market for fabric shopping. One of the rescue workers added  that the injured bodies were taken to Agoro mosque in Idumota.
Residents were seen sobbing from the debris and it is said that rescue operation lasted for 10 hours.
The building that collapsed was built about 10 years ago and the ground floor of the building was used as a shopping mall, while the other floors had apartments.

If you can imagine it, you'll surely have it!

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