Sunday, August 28, 2011

Decision Between The House Of GOD and Any Other Place On Sunday

Research has shown that people always like keeping their own schedules on Sundays thereby leaving the house of GOD empty. Today, it just came up to me that i should ask you to make a decision today, just like when Joshua in the HOLY BIBLE said that him and his family will serve the LORD.

Maybe, they have gone to the crossroads, maybe not.

But today, i want you to honour GOD for what HE is!

Within you, there exist the answers to your problems....


Allow GOD to ride on your back today to show forth HIS glory (Mark 11:2-4)

I just want to let you know this day that GOD's love is higher than the highest mountain, deeper than the deepest sea, and wider than the widest ocean, today, GOD's love will find you!

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