Sunday, October 2, 2011

Do not despair (Independent Day's Message)

‘’It is my pleasure to start by saying that situations don’t make a man, but they reveal him to his capabilities.’’
‘’Just like the wind shaves mountains, so situations come to bring out the best of you!’’
It was yesterday that we unleashed a very big secret that has been leveling people as mediocre, how to know your talents. Today, a good Governor is here to tell us more…

             Governor Owelle Rochas Okorocha of Imo State has appealed to Nigerians not to despair but to see the current challenges facing the nation as necessary steps which great nations today have gone through in the past.

             Gov. Okorocha, who made the appeal in his independence day broadcast, yesterday, also urged the citizens to use the day as a day of prayer for the unity, success and progress of Nigeria.
As we struggle to build a nation of our collective hopes and aspirations, we must see our challenges as necessary stages, which great nations today have gone through in the past”, the governor said.  He recalled that when the nation’s founding fathers succeeded in their struggle to give the people a sense of belonging by breaking the chains of over 120 years of colonial domination, they did in the believe that Nigeria will one day be great Nation.

“Despite the challenges of our diverse culture and tradition, our founding fathers saw great strength in our diversity. As their words aptly expressed in our first national anthem, though tribe and tongue may differ in brotherhood we stand”, Okorocha said.
Noting that Imo has a great role to play in building the nation, the governor added that Nigerian awaits the utilization of the abundant intellectual properties in the state.

As we celebrate the birthday of our dear Nation, we should know that we are united by our struggles not by our muscles. Boko Haram should recognize the efforts made by our founding father to keep, nurture and protect it, not to destroy.

It is a very big secret that you’ll always become that which you think about most of the time. If you think about success, you’ll become that. If you think of problems, you’ll have them. But, my prayer is that Nigerians should think of success so that we can together achieve success. Let us start by knowing our talents today!
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