Sunday, January 8, 2012

Secrets To The Best Production in 2012

Why should Nigerians live in conditions worse than that of their grandparents? This is the same question that I keep hearing on CNN, BBC, AJ and so on. Trade Unions ask this same question, and others. Is our individual problems Boko Haram? Here is the answer… No, Become a producer!

Hello Nigerians, throughout 2011, I’ve been wondering why fellow Nigerians call me “The Young Investor” until some hours ago when one of well-meaning Nigerians called, saying that I happened to be fall among the young people who obey the laws of money.

Though he was the only person who told me why they kept calling me, “The Young Investor”, he was among the people who told me that they were trained by the so-called Professors of production, but they didn’t get to their desired product qualities.

For over 3 years now, I’ve been carefully studying and practicing the simple things that promote the conversion of raw-materials into products in the most-economical rate, as a Chemical engineer.
As a matter of fact, I don’t like giving out what I have put up at , because they promote rivalries in business. Someone said that anybody who has the secrets has a direct line to GOD to make wealth at will. But, I told him that I can’t help it. I have to ease my brain and give room for other things. 

Here is what I have to say. I am not here to sell you because I’m not a marketer, but I’m here to give only a limited number of people the step-by-step guide to best of products that we have around us, with 24/7 support to production.

If you believe that subsidy removal is not the free air that breath from GOD, I want you to leave whatever that you are doing right now and get over to  and start producing a product of your own. Being able to produce from there is as certain as the sun that rises in the morning and I believe that no one can boast of true legacy without a successor.

For me, this is not just an offer, “The Young Investor” says that “It is a symbol of will… this is not by force. You now have the chance to acquire the grace to face tomorrow positively.

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