Monday, October 8, 2012

Who Else Wants to Be A Producer?

Today,i'm challenging you to "Give Your Road a Destination!" You've always wanted to be an entrepreneur,but never knew how.

"Build Brands, Not Businesses! Produce quality, not just products that some men do."

About me? The last time i checked, i was only 22. But, i've equipped over 100 Nigerians with the state-of-the-art knowledge on
"Production", either one-on-one or with my practical manuals delivered to their mail boxes.
At least twice in a month, i fly at other people's expense for one-on-one "production" training.

I've met people of all works of life. Why? Simple. They see the best in me. For me, it's GOD's grace!

I'm not making noise. I'm not a marketer. I'm here to meet serious people. I'm not here for your money.
 My GOD-given talent has brought me within real men. That is why we have reserved the name "".
I have the key to your production of internationally accepted products. You know why? When my friends invested in stocks,back then
at school, i took a decision to invest in memories. Today, here comes the key. What you don't start today can not be finished
tomorrow. What you don't know is greater than you, if you are alive.

If you are reading this now, i am challenging you to be a producer, no longer a consumer.

Be an employer of labour. Erase that plan of carrying files around. You can be that boss now!

The last time i posted an offer, i had over 100 people that i took care of.

As we celebrate our Nation's independence, i need only 50 people. After that, please, the original prices at
will apply.

Validity of this Offer:
Starts from 8th of October to 12th of October, 2012


How Can You Contact Me?
Send me a mail at " or call/send me a message on 2348069344902"

Untill then, remember that butterflies are GOD's proof.

UBONG EDEM, 08069344902
Money is Grace.

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