Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How To Produce Laundry Soap In The Most Economical Ways

What is This About?

Thank you for the question.
Without wasting your time, this is an offer to show you the required raw-materials,
precautions taken, and the best practices in the production Bar Soap, or what you call
Laundry Soap.

This is an Opportunity that will Expose You to The Manufacture of Laundry Soaps to be Safe with;
Adequate Formulations
Where To Get Raw Materials
Saponification Principles
Where To Get Both Locally and Foreign Made Machineries At Cheaper Prices
And So Much Unannounced Bonuses

Have You Ever Done Any Similar Thing Before?

Yes. I have had one-on-one production classes with so many Nigerians than i can number on the
production of ;

Air Freshener
Bar Soap
Body Perfume
Cold Wash
Face Powder
Hair Growth Cream
Liquid Soap
Medicated Powder
Medicated Soap
Powder Detergent
Shoe Polish
Toilet Soap, etc.

Last 2 months, i organised an event for Nigerians, where i exposed about 200 People to what i tagged
"1 Week Liquid Soap Production Mastering", check that now at
Also Check and See A Pix Showing Our Liquid Soap Product.

And what gives me more joy is that those 200 people are now producing and marketing Liquid Soap
Products that are safe to both the user and the environment.

My Next target is To Make Whoever That is Reading This, A Laudry Soap Producer.

Since the content of this offer is compiled from Many many Years of SoapMaking as a Producer,from the
stand as Moderator in Some Chemical projects as A Chemical Engineer by Profession, and from experience
which they say is the best teacher.

You Will Only Need to Pay The Sum of N4,000 for this Event.

You will not Need To Leave Your Home.
2 Days to the Event, You'll Know The Raw Materials and Get them Ready and also get a short book on that
to start playing with.
On that Event Day, the formulations and steps to be taken will reach you via email and sms.
After Production, we give you the remaining stuffs.
We then Give Room For Questions.

That is my Manifesto. How About Yours? If You Think that you will need to move from Consumer to Producer,
Why Not Now?

Thank You.
Ubong Edem

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