Friday, May 15, 2015

If You Use Bar,Toilet,Liquid Soaps, Detergent, Bleach, Paints, Pomade,Read This

Hi. Ubong Edem here. A graduate of Chemical Engineering. Representative of Skills Acquisition Website,, where hundreds of Nigerians have been trained and they now produce household products ranging from Liquid Soap, Bar / Toilet Soap, Powdered Detergent, Pomade, Paints, Bleach, Air Freshener, etc.

Sincerely, has opened an express opportunity to produce using one-on-one training, practical video sharing, and electronic book as well.

I have been on many stages across the country, teaching the willing ones what I know best (production), which is why many call me “The Young Investor”.

I am writing you this mail, not just as a Chemical Engineer, but also as a long time producer, who has the passion to improve on already exiting principles in production.

I believe that you use soap every day, I also know you use Liquid Soap to on your cars, just like we do, I know that dry cleaners cannot do without bleach, I know that any new house will use paint to create an appealing presence, I know that you need air fresher in your rooms to give nice smell, I know that producing some of these things will save you money. This is why you have this me here. And if you agree with me, why not give me a call right now? Why not learn how to produce these things right now in the most-economical ways? If you ever thought of producing something, why not do that now?

We are ready to teach as many as are willing to learn. Come and Produce.

Ubong Edem

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