Saturday, June 6, 2015

Constraints to Production

Hello there. Are you aware that we have 3 classes of people? Are you in the lower, average/middle, top class? The fact is that, when it comes to PRODUCTION, you are not so special. 70% of car drivers believe that their driving skills are above average, but as you read on, you’ll know the truth and it’ll set you free.

In Production, we also have three (3) classes of people;
Firstly, the top. These are the ones who can produce and they know that they can. Simply because they have been producing one or two things.
Secondly, we have the people who cannot produce and they know that they tell people that they can’t produce, simply because they have not been producing.
Lastly, there are people who claim to know how to produce, but in reality they don’t producing even a candle. Ask them. They tell you that they can produce and they just don’t want to produce now. Here is a very dangerous set. Because they deceive themselves, thinking  that they are smart. To be sincere, this is the category that at least, 80% of Nigerians fall into, and this explains why we still remain consumers’ society.

Actually, this post is not to discourage anybody. But tell you that if you are rightly  guided, “YOU CAN” PRODUCE. Irrespective of the set that you find yourself or you belong, there is an opportunity to move yourself to first of people. But, this will happen, only if you are rightly guided. Brian Tracy said that the shortest path to success is to emulate successful people in that area. As a matter of fact, you want to achieve success, copy the successful person’s formula. The same goes for PRODUCTION, follow a group of successful producers today and produce a better product. Contact and secure a spot to learn. Learn how to produce Bar soap, detergent, bleach, insectiscide, pestiscide, pomade, cream, paints, etc. from

The best part is that many Nigerians have been trained at . Language has not been a barrier. Distance has not been a barrier. Gender has not been a barrier. This is where you get the A to Z of PRODUCTION.

Here is the time to escape mediocrity, which is what the third set of people do. If not now, when? If not from where you learn from the comfort of your home, then where? The time is now.

Ubong Edem

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