Thursday, July 2, 2015

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Ubong Edem here. Nigerians call me “The Young Investor”.

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Today, I want to share with you, how a student of mine sold His liquid soap of about 50 liters.

The guy was a fresh graduate is awaiting his NYSC posting.

He is with limited funds, and as such, could not afford to make mistakes.

He called on the 10th of April, 2015 saying that he wants to see how he can be doing
Something beneficial to himself before NYSC.

Here are the questions that I asked him, “do you have car washes around you? Do you have hotels around you?
Do you have restaurants around you? Do you have guest houses around you?”
He replied, “YES!”

I said to him, “Let me teach you How to Produce Liquid Soap!” He said “OK!”

I taught him. And here are the few steps that I gave him;

-    1. Get the numbers of your prospects
-    2. Buy bulk sms credit units from
-    3. Customize a message and send to those generated contacts
-    4. Out of the 60 mobile contacts, just 10 of them responded
-    5. He used N4,500 and produced 50,000 liters of Liquid Soap
-    6. He sold at the rate of N2,000 per 4 liters

Please, bring out your calculator, N2,000 × (50/4) = N25,000

-    Right now, he supplies minimum of 200,000 liters of liquid soap per month.

By convention, he makes at least N100,000 / month, by just producing and marketing one of the things I produce and teach people to produce as well.

Today, I extend the right hand to you. That’s not even all, once you produce and have a brand name, I’ll help you advertise your brand to my contacts.

What would you say, if I decide to give you this awesome opportunity  for just a tiny investment of N2,500?
So, for just N2,500, you’ll become a first class Producer in no time.

That’s my offer. Take it or leave it.

Remember, it’s only valid for 5 days and Tomorrow, 3rd of July is the last day. Thank you.

Ubong Edem
BBM: 23A7AF61

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