Thursday, March 24, 2011

How To Avoid Mistakes that Others made before they had access to Our manuals.

                   People now claim to champion in soap production, hair cream production and detergent production without telling their learners that there are various ways that problem may arise with respect to the quality of the product. It is not our plan to make people feel inferior or complicate issues, but the truth must be told.
                   We are sorry to say this, but they will never tell you that in production of detergent, there is a simple mistake that can be made while production, and the product'll not dry even if it gets introduced to drier till thy kingdom comes.
                    They never or will not care to tell you that in production of hair cream, there is also a simple mistake that will make the product to become as strong as stone, which is not supposed to be so.

Friend, I always get mad when get to the portion of the Bible that says that " My people are dieing of ignorant". You'll always climb the ladder of your life proportional to the level of information at your disposal.

The manual packaged was drawn from researches, experiences and due trials of various ways until the best ways were packaged just to be sure that you get the best.

       Just imagine yourself, making the same mistakes that others who claimed to know the production of soap, production of detergent, and production of hair cream did until they had the manuals from us.

Here is the answer and also a solution to those who never had a good product before now or those who where just thinking of how to the production of Hair cream, production of detergent and production soaps!

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