Friday, March 18, 2011


The LORD will not allow you to borrow, but you’ll lending to nations-Deu. 28:12
Isreal’s deliverance from Egypt was not complete without economic freedom.
This has come to make you take practical steps like the production of soaps,
production detergent, and production of hair cream, towards wealth creation.
The fact that one of the importance of Nigeria to the world is with respect to
Her crude oil deposits. You do not need a Karl Max to teach you that entrepreneurial
Skills remain the untold answers  as the rest of the countries of the world are reducing
the crude oil consumptions.
                Sequel to this, we have decided to help 100 people between now to Friday,
8th of April by exposing them to ;
                   Production of Soap               -    #2,500
                    Production of detergent   -     #2,500
                    Production of Hair cream  -     #2,500

 Method of payment
Bank :        (Guarantee Trust Bank Plc)
Account name:       Ubong Edem
Account  number: 571-565165-1-590
After payment, send an email and text message with the following information.
Your name :
Amount paid:
Bank name and branch:
Teller number :

Email address: 
The name of the manual paid for



Method of delivery of the materials:
 The materials’ll be delivered to your e-mail within 24 hours of notification of payment 
from the bank.

If you purchase 2 materials, you’ll get 3 of the materials . After laying your hands on
the above materials, you’ll then see within yourself, a money-maker, employer of labour,
You’ll be held at high esteem! We bet you!

To Your Success!
             Ubong Edem

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