Thursday, January 23, 2014

How to Produce Cleaning Bleach for Domestic and Commercial Purposes

“The very Best proof that something can be done is that someone else has already done it.” – Bertrand Russell
Some weeks ago, I took on Production of Liquid Soap and Bar Soap with some Nigerians, which were successful, not that I had a lot of people, but because I was able to bring up a cream of Producers who are only interested in getting the best results.

I was even shocked to see a lady that produced a very nice soap from a fruit that grows everywhere in Nigeria where rural  people only use as sponge, as I directed her without any complain, “Loofah”, check and see the pix that she sent to me last week.

Let me point it out here, I am the first person in Nigeria to use this natural non-edible fruit to produce toilet soap.

And now, I am promising you that from the best formulation where high quality is assured to maximizing profits with Production of Bleach, I, Ubong Edem will deliver to you, the; what, why, and how about Bleach Production in the most economical ways.

What I Have For You Today
I have packaged a step-by-step directive and formulation for you to produce cleaning bleach today. Here is the deal. This step-by-step guide to the production of cleaning bleach will be sent to you via email and formulation, via sms, at most, 24 hours after N4,000 payment confirmation.

Bank name: Zenith Bank
Account number: 2007597279
Account name: Ubong Edem

100% Refunds
Please, if you get this guide and you are not able to produce after following the steps, I want you to complain and your money will be refunded to you.

Validity of this Offer
This offer is to end next week’s Friday (31/01/2014)

Anybody who takes this offer will definitely produce Bleach today.
Thank you.
Ubong Edem, 08069344902

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