Sunday, April 20, 2014

1500 Production (Skills Acquisition) Offer

Have you ever wished of becoming a producer?
Have you ever wished to produce everything that you use with your family, starting from ;
Air Freshener
Bar Soap
Body Perfume
Cold Wash
Face Powder
Hair Growth Cream
Liquid Soap
Medicated Powder
Medicated Soap
Powder Detergent
Shoe Polish
To Toilet Soap?

Have you wished to produce and sale to the ever increasing population?
If YES. I have a word for you.

DON’T become a Producer through the hard way.

For over three (3) years, I have spent my times at laboratories, and production sites, aside from my training as a Chemical Engineer, just to arrive at a perfect formulations and steps to producing anything, and in the most-economical ways.

In the spirit of Easter, also as a celebration of my month of birth, I am willing to expose the steps and formulations to producing anything that you want. Just let me know what you what to produce. And I am here to deliver.

On your own part, a tiny investment of just N1,500 will pull you from just wishing, to being it. PRODUCER.

This offer is only valid till Friday, 25th of April, 2014.

Drop whatever you are doing now call me on 2348069344902. Use this opportunity and become a PRODUCER.

After your payment confirmation, you’ll get my practical manual on any product chosen by you via email. Thank you.

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