Thursday, April 24, 2014

You Blessed Me For A Penny (1500 Skills Acquisition)

Yeah… After someone ordered three (3) of my manuals for the production of;
Hair growth cream
Powdered Detergent
Liquid Soap

This person(the Lady) called me back after 2 days and thanked me.
Saying that when she ordered the manuals, she just wanted to try.
But, she was surprised that a good thing can be found in Nigeria. Keeping to the promise.
She then shouted, “Heyyyyyyyy…………… You blessed me For A Penny”

Unfortunately, the blessing with penny is ending in a couple of hours.
It ends by 12 mid-night on Friday, 25th of April, 2014.

If you have ever wished to produce any of;
Air Freshener
Bar Soap
Body Perfume
Cold Wash
Face Powder
Hair Growth Cream
Liquid Soap
Medicated Powder
Medicated Soap
Powder Detergent
Shoe Polish
Toilet Soap, I’d suggest that you drop anything that you are doing now, call me on 2348069344902,

You will also be blessed for a penny. I promise to deliver more.  

 Thank you.
Ubong Edem

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