Saturday, May 7, 2011

Rain Of Empowerment!

Rain Of Empowerment!
Join us in using empowerment to fight unemployment!

This is not what the so-called professionals claim to teach and collect huge amount of money from people, yet, without giving the attendees what to smile about.

Please, come with me to the content of the live and practical workshop and then come back here and say to yourself, " i can't afford to miss this one". At least, not this one!
We call it rain of empowerment because it has never happened like this.
It is always rare to see people allow others access to what is making them money.
Even after waiting for decades, you may not be able to pay the price.

 Yes, we are planning this live and practical workshop to meet up with the demands of anybody who wants to carve his/her self out of the current unemployment rate.

Yes, the reason why people told us to call the rain of empowerment is that you’ll never see this kind of empowerment workshop elsewhere.
Now, I want to ask you these questions;
·    Do you know the current youths’ unemployment statistics?
·    Do you know why people still add to the accelerating rate of unemployment?
·    Do you know what can take you out of your current situation?
·    Do you have any idea of what are the activities making them to pocket the whole money to themselves?
·    Do you know what make up the rich?
·    How often do you see this kind of empowerment workshop?
·    What do you think is your source of hope?

Instead of following the followers, take a decision today to follow the leaders today!
Instead of making a mistake of learning from the learners, this has come to you so as to make you learn from experts. I can here you saying to yourself, “wow…this is heaven sent”

I asked my friends on facebook sometimes ago, “a happy life ideally rests on a balance between 4-elements”.
I now want to ask you here, what are they?

Note: If you are interested in the live practical training, then you need to do the following;
1.               Send a text message with ;
i.   Your name,
ii.  E-mail address,
iii. City,
iv. City that you’d like the live practical      training to be held,
  To      2348069344902

2. After we might have taken a decision on where to host the training, we’ll send you a message on the location and date of the training.

To Your Entrepreneurial Success!

Ubong Edem

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