Friday, May 6, 2011

Why We Decided To Host This Live Explosive Workshop

                This in response to the numerous messages, calls, and e-mails received with respect to the web training on the production of soap. People complained that they couldn’t meet up with the training due to one problem or the other.Some even said that they could not access the internet from their respective destinations.

It is clear that the world’s unemployment is rapidly increasing. If a Country like U.S. being confirmed by people as the world power can be complaining over the rate of unemployment, then what do you think about your future?

I learnt in the laws of money at that your future value is the product of your present value and the compounded interest. With due respect, Sam Adeyemi said that a man can survive for 6 days without water and 40 days like Jesus Christ, without food, but an average man can never survive without hope. I want to also add that a man with dream will not die. Your dreams will sustain you. It will always motivate you even when the path is uncertain. Where there is vision, there is always provision.
We have now come to ease that stress. We have come to give that hope for the future. After having this pure practical training, you will then see that what you call future is not far. You will start to think as a genius. You will then find the strength and grace to employ other people to work under you. We give you the sure path to overcome the fear of unemployment.

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