Saturday, May 7, 2011

Today’s Politics

In today’s highlight, the returning officer for Imo state declared O. R. Okorocha as the winner of the Imo state governorship election after seeing that Rochas has played politics according to the rules of the game and defeated his greatest opponent, Gov. Ikedi O.

I must confess that I’ve never seen or heard of the kind of celebration that is going on in the state. This is to say that Imo people have spoken and Rochas has, right from the beginning been their interest. I remember, i was taught that politics is a game of interest.

Some are even saying that the strong bird that holds and nothing gets what it holds out of hand is no more.
I can not tell what is the backbone of the celebration but I can use the Bible as a standard as it says “when the righteous rules, the people rejoice”.
The question that is now bothering me is;
Between the old and the incoming Governor, who do we say is the righteous?

It is good to consider politics as a producer, because political instability affects us directly. Now that GOD in HIS mercy has decided to send us peace, HE is worthy of praise. 

Now, can we get back to what determines our future? Since they say that your future value is the product of your present value and the compounded interest over the period of time. 
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To Your Success!
Ubong Edem

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