Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Causes of Crises in Nigeria

              I got moved when a friend called me and couldn’t say anything, but he only asked why…why…why? I thought he was asking why he never understood somethings in our free course on soap production, but he said not about that,but he started telling that he never saw a friend and that he's currently hiding under the protection of army men.
               The question of the causes of crises in Nigeria has been a major debate on our daily news and interaction with people.
                The question has been on air for a number of times now; some people attribute it to religious differences. Can you imagine this? Why should someone wish that everybody should share the same place of worship. I remember among our fundamental rights to include the right to place of worship. Is this not so? I am expecting a response with respect to this from you!
                From the questionnaire that was organized, other people say that the reason for this is Ethnicity. They see ethnicity as the main cause of crises in Nigeria. But I still don’t understand the backbone of this crises. Some people just deciding to kill others simply because they are not from the same ethnic group with them. Is that fair? Why would human blood just spilled like spillage in the Niger Delta regions?
The picture about the causes of crises in Nigeria such that people’d not even be able to explain the causes of crises in Nigeria to make them scatter and take army barracks as the only hiding place.
If I ever had opportunity to ask more questions, I’d ask, why can’t we just get along? I remember that someone once said that we may have different stories, we share the same hope.

Why can't we all get along?

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