Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Phase 3 Of Free Course On Production of Soap

The Blueprint of the Best Soap Production Before we go, here is the table of content of what we started in our free course on production of soap
Today, we'll be taking you to the best ratio of acid/base constituents for the production of soap.
We'll also cover the procedure/method to be used in the production of soap.

The right measurement is done with the aid of hydrometer. Before I proceed, a hydrometer is an instrument used to measure the specific gravity (or relative density) of liquids; that is, the ratio of the density of the liquid to the density of water.
           A hydrometer is usually made of glass and consists of a cylindrical stem and a bulb weighted with mercury or lead shot to make it float upright. The liquid to be tested is poured into a tall container, often a graduated cylinder, and the hydrometer is gently lowered into the liquid until it floats freely. The point at which the surface of the liquid touches the stem of the hydrometer is noted. Hydrometers usually contain a scale inside the stem, so that the specific gravity can be read directly. A variety of scales exist, and are used depending on the need.
Hydrometers may be calibrated for different uses, for example, lactometer is used for measuring the density (creaminess) of milk, a saccharometer is used for measuring the density of sugar in a liquid, or an alcoholometer for measuring higher levels of alcohol in methylated spirits.
            Here, we are using hydrometer to measure to measure the concentration of the constituents of soap while in production.

A good soap product should read around 14 on the hydrometer. But, if you are not with any hydrometer now, from our experience, we have discovered that the acid and Oil phases should be in the ratio of   
 2 : 1 respectively, which can be used interchangeably.

Step 1;
 NaOH (aq)+   H2O(l)  + Stir  →    Acid phase

Step 2;
PK-oil  +  Sulphurnic acid  +  Stir +  Colour  + Stir  +
Fragrance  + Stir   Oil phase

Step 3;
Wait a bit, then mix the acid and oil phases together in the form of the reaction below;
Acid phase + Oil phase Sticky product of bar soap

Don't forget to watch out for the next phase! 

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