Friday, April 8, 2011


                 You may call this anything else, but we call it pushing above the limits because, without doing it, you may not have all the benefits that are due. Before we continue with our free course on soap production, we'd like you to do what we'll tell you now for your maximum benefit.

               All we want from you is to go to facebook, search for ONLY LEGITE, and become a member because that is where decisions concerning what is happening now are being made. Hence, we'd like you to  join us to at ONLY LEGITE and take decisions on what comes next.

             One of the reasons for this is in accordance to the popular saying that "two heads are better than one". This is one of the ways that you can come closer to us so that we know your needs and desires. Together, we succeed.

Remember, the act of building is done when people are together while that of destruction is done alone.

Our journeys of miles always begin with a step. Here is a step to come closer so that we can feel your impact the more. "THE COMPLETE COURSE ON PRODUCTION OF SOAP" that you are enjoying now is as a result of comments and suggestions from members of "ONLY LEGITE" group on facebook.

                                                 HAPPY FREE COURSE ON PRODUCTION OF SOAP!

                                                                                                  DEDICATED TO YOUR WELL-BEING!


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