Friday, April 8, 2011

Phase 2 Of Free Course On Production of Soap

Welcome to the second phase of our course on production of soap!

Get the previous information that activated people to say to themselves that they are Champions here!

Today, we want to add to the yesterday's list of constituents of soap production.
Without wasting much of your time, below are some of the constituents of soap production;

4. TiO2 i.e. Titanium (iv) oxide

5. PK- Oil i.e. Vegetable oil or groundnut oil

6. Colour

7. Fragrance

8. 2 vessels for the mixture of acid and oil-phase, respectively

9. Stirrer

               Above is the list of the basic constituents of soap production. This is a rare opportunity to ensure that you avoid mistakes that people who claim to know more than others do. We just decided to stop there so that people do not  say that we have exposed their trade secrets, which is not our plan. We just want to make sure that people who pass through us have something to smile about. And the beginning of smile happens to be on the production of soap as the free course, i'm sure is one of the things that brought you here! That the Children of Isreal of old died did not mean that GOD did not love them, it is simply because they lacked the vision factor. Today, i want to tell you that where there is vision, there is provision!

Be ready to attend our next phase of the free course!

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